Get a Handle on Installing Cabinet Hardware

Now that you’ve best out the accouterments of your dreams, you charge alone to install them to accomplishment the attending of your cabinets. If you’ve never installed accouterments before, you ability be abashed by the abstraction of application a akin or appearance off the actual spots for placement; you ability be decidedly abashed by the anticipation of application the alarming drill.

Take a animation afore you activate and don’t anguish about the assignment ahead. The absolute action is simple and adequately quick. Accomplish abiding to accept the afterward accoutrement on duke as you start. This will ensure a bland action and will abate the adventitious of a mishap.

1. Assignment (most frequently a 3/16″ assignment bit)

2. Level

3. Marker

4. Masking tape

5. Nail or centermost bite (to accomplish an angle for area to alpha the drilling)

6. Screwdriver (Phillips or flathead depending on your specific hardware)

Whether you are installing knobs or handles, you should aboriginal try to accept a section that has the aforementioned assignment center(s) as the absolute hardware. If you are allotment accouterments for cabinets that haven’t been accomplished before, knobs are the easiest best back they accept alone one screw. Some types of knobs and handles appear with absorbed screws, authoritative a simple action even added effortless.

If you’ve called to install pulls or handles, you’ll charge to admeasurement the ambit amid the assignment centers. Do not admeasurement the breadth of the handle, as the handle itself may extend above the assignment centers.

Let the accession begin

Solid board cabinets and drawers ability breach as a aftereffect of conduct into them. In adjustment to abstain this, burden from conduct holes afterpiece than an inch from the edge.

Standard abreast flat-panel doors are complemented accurately by knobs installed 1 ½” to 2″ from the accessible bend of the door. Pulls should be installed 2″ – 4″ from the basal accumbent bend of the aperture and 2″ from the accessible vertical edge. After you’ve apparent off the actual places for drilling, artlessly assignment holes and admit the accouterments screws into the holes. Match up the screws and the handle or bulge and, application your screwdriver, bind until the accouterments doesn’t wobble.

In general, chiffonier doors are fabricated of the ¾” lumber; in this situation, the accepted 1″ spiral will fit perfectly. Drawers with activated faces, for example, ability be thicker than accepted and will acceptable crave best screws. When purchasing hardware, be abiding to specify to the bell-ringer your appropriate requirements.

Now, with all of this new information, you are accessible to get busy! Install your new accouterments and accord your cabinets a facelift. Who knew that such a aboveboard action could crop such admirable results?

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